Schwebende Dissonanzen/ Floating Dissonances (2023)

Floating Dissonances 

Started from an deliberately unfinished portrait of Richard Wagner with this work I am questioning the visual difference between the artistic production by machine – digital apps or algorithms – and human artists. The strive for perfection as common base, machines will execute the job in a linear way until done. Humans instead possess the ability to cut off the creative process intuitively at any time, give up perfection, but still perceiving the result as finalized. 

Floating Dissonances are often named as one of Richard Wagner's defining stylistic devices for his compositions. In music theory “dissonance” describes a situation in need of resolution, the same term in psychology means an inner condition of of stress born in a discrepancy of decision and perception. The split motif as well as the omissions, the violators and visible corrections, the sketchy presentation of the millimetercuttings with masking tape onto two, edge to edge hanging 50x60cm HDF frame back panels are taking reference on another layer towards technique, content and title.

This millimetercutting was shown at CICA Museum, Gimpo (South Korea) as part of the exhibition "Drawing Now 2023" from November 22nd until December 10th 2023.