Diaries and Worldmap (2022)


Full installation view (photo: Stephanie Gerner, post-production: Nobushige Kono) 

Detail of Diaries (photo: Stephanie Gerner, post-production: Nobushige Kono) 

Worldmap (photo: Stephanie Gerner, post-production: Nobushige Kono)

Stephan Halter

Stephan Halter (born 1977) deals in his millimetercuttings, he started in 2009, with questions of daily routines, repetition in itself, the investment of time and the general value of labour.

His millimetercuttings are an expression of processuality. Millimetre by millimetre he reflects and deals with his daily concerns. In a very limited space he used his scalpel to slice open potential open spaces.

At the exhibition “Und jetzt?!” (And now?!) he presented his first ever created millimetercutting “Worldmap” (2009) and seven works of the “Diaries” series.

“Diaries” was installed as an airy, floating installation on silk threads in front of the window facade expanding into the space.

The compilation of both works questions the negotiation of the alleged own microcosm in terms of the big picture.