born 05.12.1977 : Hildesheim (Germany)
living and working in Berlin (2003-)


2009: founding of the artist-team St. & St. together with Stephanie Gerner
2023: started studying Art History and Communication Science at FU Berlin


12/2020: Grotto, July-December 2019


11-12/2023: Drawing Now 2023, CICA Museum, Gimpo (South Korea)
07/2023: Grassharp 004: I know somebody who knows somebody, ExRotaprint, Berlin
07-08/2022: LOT1 - Fair Art Auction, Berlin
07/2022: Und jetzt?!, groupshow initiated and curated by St. & St., Taxi Kundencentrum, Berlin
03/2022: The Waste Land, public presentation and talk about my "Diary" project, 29 Findart, Berlin
09/2019: Du Noir Dans Du Blanc, group exhibition curated by Valérie Leray, a project by La Mire, GlogauAir, Berlin
08-09/2019: Cat Planet, groupshow curated by Lan Hungh, Tête, Berlin
07/2019: Los socios y compania, groupshow initiated by DHAdmann, Galeria Libertad, Santiago de Querétaro (Mexico)

12/2017-01/2018: Silent Art Auction, The Drawing Hub, Berlin

07-08/2015: How unpaid artists save the world, Donau-Ecke-Ganghofer, Berlin
04-05/2015: Fridge, Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin
03/2015: Exhibit!, GlogauAir, Berlin

09/2014: Vom Anhalten des Verschwindens, Elektro Becker/ Kasten, Lamspringe

03-04/2014: more than a million, GlogauAir, Berlin

02/2013 - 05/2015: Multi Skiller, Freyer, Berlin
02/2013: #14: 1x1, Kantine, Berlin

12/2012: Last Sup(p)er, stattberlin, Berlin
11/2012: A Wake - Still Lives and Moving Images, Dumbo Arts Center, New York
04/2012: My name is..., stattberlin, Berlin

12/2011-01-2012: exi[s]t;15 bulart, Bulart Gallery, Varna (Bulgaria)
12/2011: Gemeinsam Aufhängen und Abhängen, Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin
10-11/2011: A Wake - Still Lives and Moving images, curated by Dr. Rachel Rits-Volloch, Leo Kuelbs and Adam Nankervis, Momentum Gallery, Berlin
9/2011: relics – collections, a project with James Edmonds, Stephanie Gerner, Petra Graf, Adam Nankervis and Deborah Wargon, Petra's apartment, Berlin
07/2011: Pophits, curated by Manfred Peckl, as part of "Based in Berlin", Autocenter, Berlin
06/2011: New Disorder, curated Shalva Kobaladze, New Art Café, Tbilisi (Georgia)

06/2011: Leistungsschau, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
03-06/2011: Black Stars On A White Sky - Edition II, another vacant space., Berlin 
02/2011: Pophits, curated by Manfred Peckl, Tanzschule Projects, Munich
01/2011: Troyart, MuBe - Museo Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo (Brasil)

12/2010: But what about the noise of crumpling paper..., wafflecotton at artport, Berlin
10/2010: A Book about Death (Ray Johnson), CW Post, SAL Gallery, LIU, New York (USA)
09/2010: Black Stars on a White Sky – A Book, curated by Adam Nankervis (Museum MAN), Chateau de Sacy, Sacy - le Petit (France)
03/2010: #7: mail, Kantine, Berlin
01/2010: Get a move on!, Aqua Carreé, Berlin

11/2009: #5: copy, Kantine, Berlin
11/2009: With drawing from black, curated by Simon Mack and St. & St., Teahouse, Berlin
11/2009: Childhood stories, Artneuland, Munich 
09/2009: A Spires Embers, EIDOS Foundation, Ludmila Bereznitska Collection + Museum MAN, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev (Ukraine)
07/2009: Signals through the flames, PHB, Friedrichshöfe, Berlin
07/2009: Should the world break in, Museum MAN at Ludmila Bereznitska and Partner Gallery, Kiev (Ukraine)
06/2009: #4: plastic, Kantine, Berlin
06/2009: arrested attention I, Museum MAN at Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin
05/2009: Films without Music, staalplaat working space, Berlin
05/2009: All Photographers Now, New York Photo Festival 2009, New York (USA)
05-06/2009: Reliquaries of Empires Dust, Museum MAN at Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin
03-04/2009: pigsartpigs, Bulart Gallery, Varna (Bulgaria)   

St. & St.

07/2022: Und jetzt?!, curation of a groupshow, Taxi Kundencentrum, Berlin

09/2021: Zur Kenntnis genommen, collaborative exhibition, Pandion - The Grid Cabins, Berlin
05/ 2019: muted flood, colloborative project together with Nobushige Kono and Viktoria Ikonen, Hors Art Center, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

02-05/2017: autogestión / "should the world break in II - the anatomy of man 2017" by museumMAN, Foundacio Joan Miró, Barcelona (Spain)

06/2016: The throwing aspect, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
01/2016: Aporia, St. & St. + Nobushige Kono, R. Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin

11/2015: Die Lichtenberg Norm, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin
08/2015: At short notice, solo-exhibition, stattberlin, Berlin
03/2015: Exhibit!, curated by Delphine Marinier, GlogauAir, Berlin

03/2014: more than a million, curated by off, GlogauAir, Berlin

06-07/2012: Entaktet Euch! (De-file yourself!), stattberlin, Berlin

06/2011: New Disorder, curated by Shalva Kobaladze, New Art Café, Tbilisi (Georgia)
01/2011: Pixilate Me (St. & St.), group project as part of transmediale festival, AquabitArt, Berlin 

12/2010: Tangible Intangible (St. & St.), tamtamART, Berlin  
11/2010: File Me (St. & St.), part of the group project Touch Me, AquabitArt, Berlin
11/2010: The endless bridge retrieved (St. & St.), screening event curated by Leo Kuelbs and Adam Nankervis, Z-Bar, Berlin
10/2010: Zero Blank Eye Candy (St. & St.), video-screening as part of the ongoing exhibition by Simon Mack and part of the Independents Biennal Liverpool (UK)
09/2010: The endless bridge (St. & St.), part of Dumbo Arts Festival, New York (USA)
09/2010: Industrial 59 (St. & St.), First Ural Industrial Biennale Ekaterinburg (Russia)
06/2010: Wander and stay (St. & St.), video-screening curated by Lan Hungh, AquabitArt, Berlin
04/2010: Glow 2 (St. & St.), filmevent curated by Leo Kuelbs, Adam Nankervis, Gillian Morris, Z-bar, Berlin

11/2009 : St. & St. file # 1 feat. James Edmonds, The Foundry, London, UK