Ir sult sprechen willekomen (2014)

Beginning of 2014 I was travelling quite often between my home in the district of Wedding to GlogauAir in Kreuzberg, where the group exhibition "more than a million" took place. 
Between Moritzplatz and GlogauAir I had to use the bus which led me past Oranienplatz and past the illegal refugee camp which was set up there for more than a year... 
I was deeply ashamed of being a citizen in the capital of a rich country letting traumatized people suffer in tents even through winter.
When Thomas Monses asked me to donate an artwork for an auction called "Platz-O-Platz" to support these refugees I immediately agreed to it, happy he and Ingolf Seidel came up with this idea!

Ir sult sprechen willekomen (2014), 30x40cm, ink & thread on paper, Edition 1/7

Ir sult sprechen willekomen (you shall say welcome) is a poem by Walther von der Vogelweide.