GROTTO (2020)

Death Strip, view from Hohegeiß, Harz (2020)



Featured in the 3rd issue of GROTTO 2019 - Zeitschrift für Kultur (page 22-24) this millimetercutting is the latest in a "figurative manner". The e-magazine was first published in december 2020 and can be read online. Just follow the link above.

Some years ago I had done some works (millimetercuttings) about the "Fall of the Innergerman Wall". And as 2019 was the 30th anniversary of this historic moment  I was invited to write about my personal memories of this life-changing event and show some of those millimetercuttings within the feature. While writing about these memories the idea grew to cut one more image which has a more personal connotation. So I went through some old photos and realized that  - as a child - I was twice at a country hostel as part of school trip in Hohegeiß, a small village in the Harz mountains, directly at the innergerman border. It was on the second trip in 1987 or 1988 and our teachers led us up a hill where there was an exeptional viewpoint where it was possible to see both sides of Germany: the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic cut through by the "Death Strip".

Last but not least:

The issue starts with an article about the art-event "Cat Planet" where I was also part of the exhibiting artists.