Drawers for the pigs (2009)

cleaning (2009) (photo: Stephanie Gerner)
 detail (photo: Stephanie Gerner)

                                     installation view (photo: Stephanie Gerner)

Reliquaries of Empires Dust
Reliquaries of Empires Dust is a response to an accelerating age of information with palpable cause and effect, wherein lies an increasing speedway of news and heightened coverage of issues of crippling magnitude, wherein lay the collapse of global circuits, from wars, monetary, social and environmental mono-systems, multi-systems, ecosystems and the redefining of lines of geopolitics. All intrinsically linked, this has become a viral down turn-on the brink of collapse and reinvention. A penultimate new order coalescing like a clot during this, the system of a down, and a time of macro introspection and the need for reinvention of archaen networks now failed.The blurprint of the circus is over. The phoenix is stirring.


Alexey Akimov (Russia)-Tania Antoshina (Ukraine)-Stephan Apicilla Hitchcock (USA)-Hannes Bend (Deutschland)-Geeske Bijker (Nederlands)-Nikolaus Berendonk (Deutschland)-Norbert Bisky (Deutschland)-Reinhard Bock (Deutschland)-Jenny Brown (Australia)-Johannes Buss (Deutschland)-Francesca Cho (Korea)-Jay Chritchley (USA)-Lorraine Clarke (UK)-Misha Dare (Australia)-Dominic Cloutier (USA)-Herve Constant (France)-Silvio De Gracia (Argentina)-Dorethea Daus (Deutschland)-Alfredo de Venezia (Chile)-Birgit Deubner (Deutschland/UK)-James Edmonds (UK)-Dominik Eggerman (Switzerland)-Thomas Draschan (Austria)-Bill Fisher (USA)-Leo Fitzmaurice (UK)-Angela Freiberger (Brazil)-Soledad Garcia (Chile)-Stephanie Gerner (Deutschland)-Garth Gregory (Australia)-Anthony Gross (UK)-Stephan Halter (Deutschland)-Karen Hirst (USA)-Lan Hungh (Taiwan)-Mariana Guzman-Hiede Hatry (USA/Deutschland)-Karen Hirst (UK)-Joanna Hoffmann (Austria)-(Chile)Yolande Hunter (USA)-Clint Imboden (USA)-Elmar Kaiser (Deutschland)-Elena Katz (Deutschland)-Julio Lamilla (Chile)-Konrad Laut (Deutschland)-Ryan Lemke (USA)-Liquid Cat (Italy)-Lello Lopez (Italy)-Therese Lundberg (Sweden)-Dion Laurent (USA)-Simon Mack (UK)-Antonello Matarazzo (Italy)-David Medalla (Phillipines/UK)-Boris Mikhailov (Ukraine)-Lauren Moffat (Australia)-Nicole Mollett (UK)-Liz Munsell (USA/Chile)-Andrés Navarro (Chile)-Thomas Nicolai (Deutschland)-Nelleke Nix (USA)-Amanda Oliphant (UK)-Clemente Padin (Uraguay)-Reynolds (USA)-Petra Reimann (Deutschland)-Angelik Riemer (Deutschland)-Mauricio Román (Chile)-Karl Saliter (USA)-Janne Schaffe (Deutschland)/Kristine Agergaard (Denmark)-Carlos Silva (Chile)-Sebastiaan Schlicher (Nederlands)-Tai Shani (UK)-Pamela Seymour Smith (USA)-Willoughby Sharp (USA)-Shanghay Surbir (Deutschland)-Andre Smits (Nederlands)-Saso Stanojkovik (Macedonia)-Jacek Sztuka (Poland)Kai Teichert (Deutschland)-Claudia Tapia (Chile)-Anja Teske (Deutschland)-(Chile)-Anna Thew (UK)-Willi Tomes (Deutschland)-Iva Vacheva (Bulgaria)-Paula Venegas (Chile)--Hatty Vidal Hall (UK)-Deborah Wargon (Australia)-Claudia Zweifel (Switzerland)

May 1st May 30th (extended to June 17th) 2009 at Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin