Aussicht (2014)

Aussicht (photo: Stephanie Gerner)

detail (photo: Stephanie Gerner)

My work Aussicht (view) is made from an old Berlin window sitting on fittings I got from an old cabin in Lamspringe.
The image on the glass shows two 380kv high-voltage transmission towers. The artwork is intended as protest against the idea (of big electricity companies) to build a high-voltage transmission line overground in the area around the village of Lamspringe (Lower Saxony) which will not just destroy the view (die Aussicht).

The work was shown at From the pause of disappearance (Vom Anhalten des Verschwindens) within the framework of Lamspringer September 2014.
On a more technical level it is me playing with the idea of casting shadows through the millimeter cutting and by using an open window to interact with the space and to get back to the original idea of creating sculptural objects.