Analoge Signale (2013)

1977-I (protest in front of the construction site of a nuclear power plant)

1977-II (news: members of the RAF are allowed to meet within the prison)

1978 (the "tele-game" Space Invaders)

1980 (the "tele-game" Pacman)

1982 (the inner-german border at the Harz Mountains)

1983 (a human chain on a highway against the stationing of nuclear weapons on german ground - pershing II)

1989 (a TV spokesman informs about "the collapse" of the inner-german border)

1992 (showing an asylum-seekers' hostel after the attack by neo-nazis)

  all photos were taken by Stephanie Gerner
Analoge Signale (analogue signals) is the title of a series of millimeter cuttings based on and including my work Weißes Rauschen/ White Noise.
The images of this series are all screenshots from tube televisions while they were on - news or video games (we used to call them "Tele-Spiele"/ "Tele-Games"). 

Timewise all images were done from 1977 (my year of birth) onwards but no further than the midnineties - all images were 20th century news, so to say.
The news-screenshots are all showing events and situations which were formative in my youth, such as the inner geman border or the attacks on asylum-seekers' hostels in the early 1990ies by sick neo-nazis...

Instead of naming the event shown in each artwork, I decided to use the year.