Weißes Rauschen/ White Noise (2012)

Weißes Rauschen/ White Noise (18x24cm, spraypaint on glass; photo: Petra Graf)

White Noise on a tube television...

Watching it, the romanticizing, present me shouting out in pure joy: „How meditative, how beautiful! Why we ever got rid of those stimulating, inspiring machines which created these mesmerising moments?“

And a way more realistic me answers: „What the f**k? Are you mental? Don't you remember all the HOURS spending with the TV while connecting it with a VHS-Recorder, a satellite dish or a gaming device ending up with White Noise? Over and over?! The only moments you were enjoying this signal of personal and/ or technial failure where when you were high!“

More serious: we often called the White Noise „The fight of the white against the black dots“ - I don't know if this is just a German saying, but nevertheless.


An inner monologue:

It was more binary those days.

- Yes!

To show something binary, it is obvious to do it in opposite colours, right?

- Absolutely!

But those were colour TVs, able to show a range of different colours, right?

- Hmmmm.

Not so binary if you think about it.

- But maybe it was a technical... thing.

Come on! Those Colour Tube Televisions were ABLE to show more than just black and white. It was programmed!

-And what?

What? Are you serious? Someone decided to MAKE it that way. Why did you call it „The fight of the white against the black dots“? Why there is black and white? And even more mind-boggling, why there is a „fight“? Why nobody called it „Black and white dots giving High Five?“, „White and black dots are commuting in a shared environment?“ or „Black and white dots are changing places in common joy as it doesn't matter to be black or white?“

- Hmm.

What did you say, couldn't hear you?

- Maybe because we are a binary thinking, rascist society?

Not everyone of you, but YES!